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Sitting on the outskirts of one of the largest cities in the state of Alaska is a municipality named Eagle River. This community is home to roughly 26,000 residents who mainly commute between their home in Eagle River and work which is typically in Anchorage, about a 15-minute drive away. The community was originally founded through agriculture and that trend continues today. Eagle River offers residents a healthy combination of nature along with the ability to attend top schools and work in industries that provide success and stability. If the simple life in the mountains and nature are what you have always wanted but did not want to give up the ability to have a successful career, then you need to contact The Jarratt Team to discuss all that Eagle River can offer you.

The History of Eagle River

Eagle River was founded by homesteaders in the late 1930s. These homesteaders came to Alaska looking to live where they could live off the land, growing their own food and goods and enjoying all that nature has to offer; and they found it. What these homesteaders found was a place where they could flourish in success from agriculture since the land is so rich in nutrients and minerals that are prime ground for growing your own, and selling your own, goods. In 1939, the name Eagle River was introduced and nobody objected since the community is located on the Eagle River just outside of Anchorage. In 1960 the first post office was opened in the community and in 1975 Eagle River, along with its twin city of Chugiak where annexed into the municipality of Anchorage, making both communities a part of the large city. Due to the annexation, the cities are part of the Anchorage School District and Parks and Recreation. While the communities attempted to separate in 2000, the separation was not approved so the towns continue to benefit from the city services available to them.


When you live in Eagle River, not only do you enjoy all that the small community has to offer but you also enjoy a top notch education for your children as well. Since the community is part of Anchorage, it is considered to be part of the Anchorage School District (ASD). This school district offers all types of programs from special needs education to all types of extra-curricular activities. While there are multiple schools that offer K-12 education, there are two choices with public high schools, Eagle River High School provides high school education to those students living on the southern side of town while Chugiak High School provides education to those on the northern side. Additionally, there are also numerous private and charter schools as well as homeschooling opportunities. For those who wish to go on to higher education while staying close to home, students can attend a satellite campus through the University of Alaska- Anchorage.

Festivals, Events and Things to Do

There are always things to do in and around Eagle River, Alaska. One of the more popular festivities involves the annual Bear Paw festival which is typically held sometime in July. This festival tends to revolve around the Bear Paw Pageant where contestants earn scholarships. What sets this pageant apart from the rest is that it is not just the winner who receives the award, there are a few different awards for Miss Congeniality, runner up and more. In addition to the pageant, there is also a car show, parade and cook-off during the 5-day festival. The aspect that brings in visitors from all over though would be the Slippery Salmon Olympics. Not only do teams of 2 race with a serving tray with a pop in one hand and a salmon in the other, they also have to run through the river while wearing a hula hoop. The festival is intended to be fun while encouraging tourists and visitors to bring revenue into the area.

Another feature that residents of Eagle River love is the nature that surrounds the community. You will enjoy the Eagle River as well as the Chugach Mountains and State Park. This park is known as the 3rd largest state park in the country. This park covers over 770 square miles with plenty of nature trails, lakes and campgrounds. The park is maintained by the State of Alaska DNR.

In addition to the state park, there are additional parks and recreation opportunities throughout the community. For a full listing of all parks and their hours of operation, go here and select “Activity Guide.” Here you will find out the recreation opportunities that are currently available. For instance, the ski chalet is popular during the winter months as well as the large sledding hill at the sports complex. During the summer months, you will find information on the available summer camps for kids as well as what is going on at the horse camp and the sports complex.

Anchorage Alaska is a hustling metropolitan area where you will find just about anything you would want or want to do. The best part of living in Eagle River is that you can enjoy all that Anchorage has to offer while living in a community where the pace is a bit slower and you can truly enjoy everything that the nature has to offer. If you have been dreaming of a lifestyle where you can enjoy nature, live off the land and continue your successful career, contact The Jarratt Team today so they can assist you to find the perfect homes for sale that will fit all of your needs. They are available anytime via phone or email for all of your real estate needs.

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