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About Girdwood

The small Alaskan mountain town of Girdwood is located in an area known for its pristine peaks, crystal clear glaciers, expansive woodlands, and pristine snow. The town of Girdwood has earned a reputation for its unrefined beauty and is home to a number of resorts. However, for many this small community built amid the peaks of the Chugach Moutnain Range is more than a resort town. For the residents of Girdwood, the area is their own personal paradise, complete with a grandiose sense of nature's possibilities and the best back yard one could imagine.

Residents of Girdwood enjoy a strong sense of community and the pride that comes with being a part of a town full of extraordinary and resourceful citizens. The few who call Girdwood home are fortunate to live in an area of stunning natural beauty. Located only 36 miles south of Anchorage, Alaska's largest city, Girdwood residents enjoy convenient access to the sprawling metropolis and its many amenities, such as the city's international airport.

Girdwood History

Originally, Girdwood was named Glacier City. At its outset the town was founded as a gold mining town at the turn of the century. The town's namesake, James Girdwood was an Irish immigrant who had several gold claims within the area.

Though the town was founded as a mining community, the construction of the railroad is truly what is responsible for the success and growth of the area. In 1915, the Federal Government began construction of the railroad. With the development of the railroad, the little town boomed.

In 1954, things changed for the little town of Girdwood when eleven local men formed the Alyeska Ski Corporation, By 1960, the first chair lift and the first day lodge were built within what would become one of Alaska's most exciting resort communities. Today, in addition to wonderful shopping and dining, the community boasts several resorts, and lodges.

Life In Girdwood

Today, Girdwood is home to a diverse population of residents who enjoy living in an outdoorsman's paradise. Many of Girdwood's residents work within the growing community but a growing number of citizens commute to nearby Anchorage as well. The small community is able to offer everything one would need, including restaurants, bars, shops, boutiques, a grocer, a post office and more.

The town's unique geography has been the key to its success. Firstly, with the initial wave of gold miners and today the community's grants easy access to some of Alaska's most stunning wilderness landscapes. Today, residents and visitors alike are able to take advantage pf the fantastic recreational opportunities offered in the region throughout the seasons. Popular recreation in Girdwood includes skiing, snowmobiling, dog mushing, fishing, biking, hiking, hunting, scenic flights, wildlife viewing, rafting and more.

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Girdwood Parks and Recreation
The Girdwood Parks and Recreation department provides a great deal of recreational opportunities to area residents. The department maintains an area of 120 acres located at the base of the valley. The department maintains a number of facilities including the Little Bears Playground, a skate park, a soccer field, a baseball field, several tennis courts, Girdwood Park, the Marlow Pavilion, the Nissman Pavilion, the Lions Club Park, the Girdwood campground and the Girdwood Community Room.

Girdwood Ski Trails
Year round the Girdwood Nordic Ski Club develops and maintains an expansive Nordic trail system in the Girdwood Valle. Residents of Girdwood are invited to use the Ski trails recreationally throughout the year.

Attractions And Activities
Tour the silent beauty of the pristine Alaskan wilderness by boat, jet ski, kayak, or sled. No matter, how you wish to see the surrounding country side there is enough wilderness to keep you occupied for a lifetime. Popular activities in the area include fishing, kayaking, skiing, and sledding. Residents and visitors are encouraged to step off of the beaten path and enjoy the peace, serenity, and majesty of the untamed Alaskan wilderness.

Those interested in fishing will find that there is no better bounty to be enjoyed than what is available in the waterways of rural Alaska. A number of fishing options are available, including river fishing for rainbow trout and salmon. Additionally, ocean fishing is also a favorite activity and may yield rewarding catches of ling cod, halibut, and rock fish.

Trails for skiing, hiking and biking are present throughout the mountains and the valley bellow. Residents of Girdwood may enjoy Nordic ski trips on pristine white snow or hikes through the northern reaches of the Pacific Coastal Temperate Rainforest. Hikes in the area will offer glimpses of high alpine meadows, wildlife, and waterfalls. Residents may even catch a glimpse of a bear or two. .

Girdwood has more to offer than the picturesque beauty of the untouched Alaskan wilderness, the wonderful Alaskan community is also home to a number of fantastic restaurants and shops including the Sitzmark Bar and Grill and the award-winning Seven Glaciers restaurant.

The Alaska Railroad
Girdwood residents are able to access one of the best rail systems in the world. The scenic rail line offers panoramic views of the picture-perfect Alaskan wilderness. A ride on the Alaska railroad will be an experience one will never forget. The conductors and tour guide present on the train will echo the rich stories of historical area narratives and offer an underscore to the intense natural beauty of the surrounding region.

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