Girdwood Real Estate of Alaska

The beautiful town of Girdwood, Alaska lies southeast of Anchorage along the Turnagain Arm. Technically part of the Municipality of Anchorage, Girdwood has its own distinct community thanks to local employers like Alyeska Ski Resort and an influx of tourists in the winter and summer months. Girdwood has many second homes and cabins along with starter homes on smaller Girdwood Properties ensure that the area remains affordable.

Girdwood Background

Girdwood Resort Properties for Sale
The town's long record of human habitation means that Girdwood properties all have interesting backstories. Before Europeans arrived in the area, Girdwood was home to numerous Native Americans who took advantage of the abundant fish stocks in the Arm and the rivers winding through the Chugach Mountains. Girdwood Houses are a very small community that is comprised of second houses.

Girdwood Real Estate

Girdwood homes are so sought-after because of the town's proximity to the Mount Alyeska Ski Resort. Although many area properties are seasonal ski rentals, these aren't typical rental cabins or condos. Like all Girdwood houses, these rentals are spacious inside and out, with plenty of property for after-ski activities like snowshoeing.  Thanks to the area's unique geography, Mount Alyeska receives over 700 inches of snow in a typical year! That's ten times what Anchorage gets.

Close to Anchorage

Because Anchorage is a mere forty minute drive away, plenty of cultural exchange takes place between the two cities. Many well-to-do Anchorage residents own Girdwood Properties for vacation and recreation purposes, hunting and fishing the lands beyond the resort. Conversely, some year-round Girdwood residents work in Anchorage and maintain apartments there to avoid commuting back and forth during bad weather.

Girdwood Property for SaleTourism in Girdwood 

Girdwood has two main tourist seasons, with outside arrivals peaking in midwinter and again during the long days of June and July. Offseasons are much quieter. Paradoxically, this reinforces the town's community spirit, forcing neighbors to look after empty Girdwood homes during non-peak periods. Recently, however, more and more families have been staying in their Girdwood houses year-round, attracted by improving schools and a booming local economy. Winter or summer, the future looks bright for Girdwood, Alaska!
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